What is the daily schedule in Yeshiva?

What Ma​scheta is the Yeshiva learning this Zman?

We are currently learning Masechta Bava Basrah. Morning: פרק שלישי חזקת הבתים Afternoon: פרק ששי המוכר את הפירות Evening: פרק שני לא יחפור

What are the fees for laundry service?

The Yeshivah possesses full laundry facilities constantly available for use free of charge (we do not supply the actual detergents).

Where do I post tuition payments to?

All tuition cheque(s) should be made out to Yeshivas Toras Chaim

​Post cheque(s) to:
Yeshivas Toras Chaim
c/o (Your Name)
3 Rosens Walk
Edgware, HA8 8UR

Send an e-mail to info@yeshivastoraschaim.org to let us know that you mailed the cheque(s). ​

Whether you mail or drop off the cheque(s), please make sure to place them in an envelope, with an explanation of what it is for and include your contact information.

To what account do I send a bank transfer to?

Name - Yeshivas Ahavas Torah Bank - Santander Sort Code - 72-00-05 Account No. - 16295187 Charity No. - 1117332

How should I order my son's seforim? Is there a way to get them in Edgware or is it better for him to bring them from home?

We usually suggest the Bochurim bring the necessary Seforim for the upcoming Zman. However if you deem it vital to save on space and weight when coming to Yeshiva, please view the link provided below to pre-order locally.

To pre-order Seforim in Edgware please visit www.divreikodesh.co.uk website or call 02089581133.

How can I send a package to my son?

Packages should be titled - Yeshivas Toras Chaim, C/O name of the recipient.
​A contact number of the receiver should also be put onto it.
The full address of the Dormitory is:
2 Ranelagh Drive Edgware, HA8 8HW

May I come to visit my son in Yeshiva?

​Yeshiva Toras Chaim welcomes parents and we would love to meet you and share nachas. Fathers are more than welcome to come to learn with their sons in the Beis Medrash. However, please remember that it can be disruptive to your son's growth if you take him out of Yeshiva. Therefore, if you come to visit, please make sure to limit the amount of time you take your son out and try to arrange to do so during the breaks during the day. Breaks are at the following times: 9:00am - 10:00am 1:30pm - 3:15pm 7:30pm - 8:30pm

What is the Yeshiva's exact address?

The Yeshivas address is Mowbray House, 58-70 Edgware Way, Edgware, HA8 8DJ Click here to view on google maps