Harav Moshe Davis שליט"א

Menahel Ruchni

Harav Moshe Davis

This Yeshiva, founded by the incredible Harav Moshe Davis shlita, under the initiative of the Moraa D'asra of Edgware, HaRav Schneelbag shlita, is a makom where each Bochur finds his potential in being a true Ben Aliya. Reb Moshe's unique approach to the world of Chinuch in this day and age, alongside his true care and dedication exhibited for each and every Bochur, is truly astounding. He has formulated his approach to empower Talmidim and to bring out the best of their individual kochos. He exemplifies a refined and uplifted character with tremendous yiras shomayim and chochmas hachayim. He skillfully balances overseeing the entire Yeshiva while still relating to each and every individual Bochur. He is known for his tremendous ahavas hatorah, ahavas yisroel, warmth and his seemingly unlimited time spent with his Talmidim.